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Honda Conducts Independent Test on Takata Airbags

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Demetria Ratchford3 years ago

Two Honda insiders allege that tests conducted by the automaker found quality control issues with Takata’s airbags.

Honda Seeks Answers in Takata Fiasco

“We doubted if Takata was producing airbags to the specification we had mutually agreed on. When we did not receive a clear analysis of what was happening, we dicided to conduct our own tests.” – Honda insider as published by Reuters

According to Reuters, Honda grew so frustrated with Takata’s failure to identify a root cause for a series of violent airbag explosions that it decided to take matters into its own hands.

Two senior Honda insiders have revealed that the automaker gathered used and scrapped cars in order to test the recalled airbags at its quality center in Utsunomiya, Japan. In all, the automaker tested between 100 and 150 airbags.

The results of the tests indicated that there were issues with Takata’s manufacturing process, leaving Honda to question the competency of one of its core suppliers.

“We found the quality of those inflators to be all over the map in term of key quality metrics,” claimed one of the insiders.

The tests also revealed that the mix of ammonium nitrate and secondary ingredients that result in the inflation of the airbag strayed from Honda-approved recipes, with one of the insiders noting colorings consistent with damage from exposure to moisture.

Takata has questioned the validity of the test and the credibility of the two Honda insiders, but Honda did confirm that they regularly conduct component quality tests when defects are suspected.

About the Takata Recall

  • More than 20 million vehicles have been in connection with the Takata airbags.
  • Recall reports state that the airbags can deploy with excess force, causing them to rupture. This result in metal shrapnel being sprayed throughout vehicle cabins.
  • Five deaths and hundreds of injuries have been linked to the airbag issue.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Justice have both launched investigations into Takata’s handling of the faulty airbags.


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