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Horseback Rider Found Dead in Bexar County

adriana_trevino2 years ago

According to KENS 5, authorities have recovered the body of a man who went missing following a horseback riding accident.

About the Fatal Horseback Riding Accident

Jose Casio, 37, was found a day after he went missing Sunday night. Casio was riding horses with a friend and his sister. The group was watching the city lights, when police think the horse Casio was on got spooked and slipped down a 20 foot cliff.

Casio had the friend’s sister on the same horse, but the sister managed to survive due to her brother saving her. Unfortunately, Casio and the horse were too far to get a hold of as he lost sight of them during the fall.

Investigations have declared Casio’s death as an “accidental drowning”. He leaves behind a family of four and his wife.

Equestrian Related Injury Statistics

  • In 2007, 78,279 people visited emergency rooms with horse riding-related injuries.
  • Head injuries made up roughly 15 percent of all of the visits, accounting for 11,759 injuries.
  • Injuries sustained from equestrian-related activities result in more than 100 deaths every year.


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