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Hospira Recalls GemStar Docking Station

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Elissa Russell3 years ago

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Hospira, Inc. has issued an urgent nationwide recall of their GemStar Docking Station due to potential malfunctions.

About the GemStar Docking Station

The GemStar Docking Station serves as an accessory to the GemStar infusion pump and provides an alternate power source to the GemStar pump.

In some instances, the GemStar Phase 3 pumps fails to power up when connected to the docking station.

Additionally, the GemStar Docking Station, when used in conjunction with the GemStar Phase 3 or Phase 4 pump, displays an error code indicating excessive input voltage from the external sources.

This alert, alarm code 11/003, causes the pump to stop the infusion, delaying therapy. This delay in therapy may lead to severe injury or death.

List Numbers of Recalled Products

Power issues can occur in GemStar Phase 3 pumps with the following list number:

  • 13000
  • 13100
  • 13150

The error code issue can occur in GemStar Phase 3 and Phase 4 pumps with the following list numbers:

  • 13000
  • 13100
  • 13150
  • 13086
  • 13087
  • 13088
Recommendation Consumer Action

Hospira, Inc. has provided the following recommendations for consumers:

  1. To avoid a failure to power up, turn the pump on first, before connecting the pump with the docking station. This will prevent the failure to power up.
  2. To mitigate the potential for an 11/003 error code, remove the external battery pack accessory (List 13073) from the docking station and pump prior to installing the pump into the Docking Station. If you use a docking station in conjunction with an external battery pack accessory (List 13073), this practice should not continue. Please contact Hospira to discuss an appropriate alternative option.


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