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Hospital Raises Awareness with “Crib of Horrors”

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Brian Hendricks2 years ago

Montreal Children’s Hospital in Canada has set up an interactive “Crib of Horrors” in an attempt to teach medical professionals and patients about potential safety concerns. The crib features an infant mannequin with multiple different safety concerns.

Some of the safety concerns include needles in the child’s bedding, feeding tubes that have been incorrectly aligned, medication errors, and many others.

Important Advantages to the Crib of Horrors

According to Medscape, the Crib of Horrors meets most of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s list of competencies.

The official Patient Safety Competencies list includes all of the information that physicians and other medical professionals need to be aware of to protect patients from potential hazards. The comprehensive list helps train, educate, and assess health care professionals in patient safety.

Dr. Nadine Korah, one of the lead physicians working on the project, has called the Crib of Horrors a “novel, easy, and inexpensive way to improve a safety culture by raising awareness and opening dialogue among healthcare providers and users about patient safety issues”.

How The Crib Helps Improve Patient Safety

  • Participants survey the fake crib and practice identifying safety concerns
  • Can be used by physicians, nurses, patients, family members, patient care attendants, and students
  • The crib helps foster a safety culture by raising awareness about patient safety concerns
  • Encourages other hospitals to set up similar exercises
  • The crib is mobile and easy to set up


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