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How to React to Aggressive Drivers

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Jarod Cassidy2 years ago

In 2013, 33,719 people were killed in traffic collisions in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Because many of these accidents are caused by the same factors that contribute to aggressive driving (speeding, running lights, excessive lane change), aggressive drivers are a serious risk to motorists and themselves.

How Do I React to an Aggressive Driver?

  • Get Out of the Way- First and foremost make every attempt to get out of their way.
  • Put Your Pride Aside- Do not challenge them by speeding up or attempting to hold-your-own in your travel lane.
  • Avoid Eye Contact- Eye contact can sometimes enrage an aggressive driver
  • Ignore gestures and refuse to return them.
  • Report Serious Aggressive Driving- Call the police.

How Do I Know If I'm an Aggressive Driver?

Aggressive driving is not uncommon, and you may even find yourself guilty of it from time to time. If you answer yes to three or more of these questions, you may be an aggressive driver, according to NHTSA standards.

  • Do you express frustration?
  • Do you fail to pay attention when driving?
  • Do you tailgate?
  • Do you make frequent lane changes?
  • Do you run red lights?
  • Do you speed?
How Do I Overcome My Aggressive Driving
  • Concentrate- don’t allow yourself to become distracted by talking on your cellular phone, eating, drinking or putting on makeup
  • Relax- tune the radio to your favorite relaxing music
  • Drive the Posted Speed Limit- fewer crashes occur when vehicles are travelling at or about the same speed
  • Identify Alternate Routes- try mapping out an alternate route. Even if it looks longer on paper, you may find it is less congested
  • Use Public Transportation- public transportation can give you some much-needed relief from life behind the wheel


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