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iDevice Temperature Probes Recalled – Ingestion Hazard

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Brigitte Barrera3 years ago

Recently, the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission (CSPC) reported on a recall for all iDevice LLC temperature probes, which are used in cooking. Inside the probes is a plastic insulator that is not heat resistant, therefore can melt and fall into food creating a possibility of ingesting.

Description The Temperature Probes

  • All Pro Ambient Temperature Probes and Pro Meat Probes manufactured by iDevice LLC in May 2014-June 2014 are being recalled.
  • The probes were sold separately as accessories to various products of iDevice and as a part of the iGrill 2 set.
  • Temperature probes are stainless steel and have a steel braided cord that have a mini connector at the end.
  • Pro Ambient Temperature probes are about 6 inches long and have a metal grate clip on the end while Pro Meat Probes are about 6 3/4 inches long.
  • iGrill Pro Meat Probes and iGrill Pro Ambient Probes have a red or yellow rubber sleeve and an oval black plastic cord holder.
  • Kitchen Thermometer Pro Meat Probes and Kitchen Thermometer Pro Ambient Probes have green rubber sleeves and a round white plastic cord holder with the iDevice logo stamped.
  • A commonality of the probes is the base of the probe tube near the attached cable have two crimps.
  • iDevice temperature probes all have green packaging with the logo and the designated name of the particular probe printed.
  • UPC numbers can be found on the bottom of the packaging: 852931005148, 852931005193, 852931005162 or 852931005216.
  • Temperature probes were sold nationwide in stores and online for $25. The iGrill 2 set was sold at $100.

About The iGrill Recall

  • So far, 11 incidents of the probes melting have been reported. No injuries occurred.
  • There are over 48,000 recalled probes in the U.S. and over 500 in Canada.
  • iDevice is offering to replace the recalled probes for free.


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