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In Utero DDT Exposure Linked to Increased Risk for Breast Cancer

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Erin King2 years ago

In recent findings, a study has suggested that daughters of women who were exposed to the pesticide DDT during pregnancy may have an increased risk of developing breast cancer down the road.

Details of the DDT Cancer Study

According to Reuters Health, researchers kept track of about 9,300 women born from 1959 to 1967, when the pesticide DDT was popularly used, and found that the women had almost a four-fold increase for risk of breast cancer if they were exposed to at least one form of the insecticide while in the womb. 

Researchers have often suspected that DDT and other environmental chemicals that can interfere and distort hormone systems and balance within the human body could possibly be linked to risk of breast cancer; DDT was found to have a direct correlation, being found in several women’s blood streams during their pregnancy.

DDT Debate Continues

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers DDT a carcinogen, but thoughts on whether the pesticide is linked to risk of breast cancer are still mixed; officials are still debating on whether there is a correlation between the two. 

Researchers have discovered that a form of DDT, known as o,p’-DDT, behaves like estrogen and has, in animals, been linked to a type of breast cancer that is fueled by the hormone estrogen. 

Though women cannot travel through time and reduce their exposure to the pesticide, there are still steps they can take to reduce the risk of breast cancer in their lives, regardless of whether they were heavily exposed to DDT and other carcinogens, etc.


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