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Indoor Pesticides Linked to Cancer Risk in Children

Mario Rosales1 year ago

Indoor pesticides such as weed killers and insect killers have been linked to a possible cancer hazard among young children. Research shows that children exposed to certain indoor pesticide have an increased risk of cancer.

Description of Health Hazards Posed by Pesticides

Reuters News Agency reports that children exposed to certain indoor pesticide and herbicides have a much higher risk of developing cancer in their lives.  

According to a study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, children who are exposed to these harmful chemicals have a 47 percent increased risk of childhood leukemia and a 43 percent increased risk of childhood lymphomas, which are cancers of the lymphatic system.

Researchers believed that, unlike adults, children are unable to efficiently break down and excrete the dangerous chemicals used in pesticides.

About the Pesticide Study

The study looked at published research on childhood exposures to pesticides both indoors and out, and any associated cancers. Sixteen studies were included in the final analysis, each looking at samples of a few hundred to a few thousand children.

The studies looked at exposure both to professionally-applied pesticides and to household bug sprays and weed killers.

Researchers have urged that parents should keep in mind that many pesticides are meant to be deadly to insects and pests and children’s exposure to these chemicals should be limited by as much as possible.


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