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Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitts Recalled, Burn Injuries Reported

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Cydney Patterson1 year ago

360,000 Infinity Gauntlet oven mitts have been recalled following more than 200 reports of burn injuries.

About the Oven Mitt Recall

According to reports, the oven mitt was a part of May’s power-packed theme Loot Crate box; however, they are ultimately unusable. So far, 241 people have been burned and reports include the glove melting and sticking to consumers’ skin.

It’s likely there were far more defective mitts, as people stopped attempting to use them after reports of melting became widespread. Loot Crate did state on their website that the recall was completely voluntary and not everyone had to return their oven mitt

Loot Crate is allowing consumers to return the items for replacement items.

Information about Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are generally divided into three major categories based on severity of the injury:

  • First-Degree: characterized by red, non-blistered skin
  • Second-Degree: characterized by blisters and some thickening of the skin
  • Third-Degree: characterized by widespread thickness of the skin with a white, leathery appearance.

However, there are also Fourth-Degree burns, which include the symptoms of a Third-Degree burns but these symptoms extend to tendons and bones.

Among the most common types of burns are:

  • Scalding
  • Chemical Burns
  • Electrical Burns
  • Fires
  • Sun Exposure


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