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Inhaler Explodes and Impales 74-Year-Old

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Jasmine Reynolds3 years ago

Elderly man undergoes surgery after having an inhaler become lodged in his chest.

About the Inhaler Accident

According to FOX News, the 74-year-old man who relied on an asthma inhaler due to medical reasons was burning leaves when his asthma inhaler fell into the fire. The inhaler exploded, sending the nebulizer canister into the man’s chest.

The man later went to the hospital where the doctors discovered that he would need to have surgery to remove the inhaler. The inhaler caused no damage to his liver, but his diaphragm was slightly ruptured.

Inhalers are used for people who have asthma and can also be used by people who have other respiratory complications. The inhaler contains albuterol and pressurized gas, combining the two with fire or high heat can cause the gas to expand and explode.

Warnings about Inhalers

The following information is provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

  • NIH recommends that inhalers should be stored at room temperature in the original protective foil packaging.
  • Inhalers should not be punctured.
  • Inhalers should not be exposed to high heat or moisture.
  • Inhalers should be kept out of the reach of small children at all times.


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