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Injured on a Cruise Ship Getaway?

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susan_harr6 years ago

Cruise ships provide the opportunity for a true getaway- a relaxing vacation on the open sea. As cruises become have become more affordable, the numbers of passengers has soared. These “floating cities” are attracting an estimated 12 million passengers each year (Cruise Lines International Association).

But along with an increased number of cruise-goers, there have been an increase in the number of accidents reported onboard. From food poisoning and slip and falls, to passengers falling overboard and ships sinking, an accident in open waters can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare.

Common Cruise Ship Accidents/Injuries

  • Fire– A fire on board a ship can be particularly dangerous because it can cause major damage with little chance for passengers to escape. In March 2006, the Star Princess of Princess Cruises caught fire while bound for Jamaica. The blaze caused major property damage and several injuries. One passenger died of a heart attack while several others were treated for bruises, abrasions, and smoke inhalation problems.
  • Food Poisoning– The Norovirus, a gastrointestinal virus, is the most common cause of illness on cruise ships. In February of 2010, more than 400 passengers were sickened by the norovirus on a Celebrity Cruise line ship.
  • Lists– A list occurs when the ship is leaning one way or another. An example of this occurred onboard a Carnival cruise ship in April 2010. 60 passengers were treated for injuries after the ship listed suddenly to avoid a submerged buoy.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents– This usually occurs when an area of the deck is wet. A New Jersey woman was awarded $2.9 million in damages after she slipped and fell on a pool deck aboard the Carnival Pride in 2009.
  • Fall Overboard– Officials do not know why so many ship passengers fall overboard, but it is estimated that 165 people went overboard on a cruise from 2000-2010 (CruiseJunkie).
  • Ship Sinking– Sinking cruise ships are rare, but can still happen. In April 2007, a cruise ship hits the rocks of Santorini Island in Greece and sank. All passengers had to evacuate as the ship went down with all their luggage and personal belongings inside.
  • Ship Collisions– Although rare, ship collisions can cause injuries to passengers and crewmembers alike.

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