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Investigative Report Released In NCTC Fatal Bus Crash

Brigitte Barrera2 years ago

According to WFAA, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released its preliminary investigation report regarding a bus crash that claimed the lives of several North Central Texas College (NCTC) softball team members last month.

Details of the NTSB Report

This preliminary report was released Tuesday, October 14, only a few weeks after the accident.The NTSB used three dimensional(3D) laser scanning technology to re-create the accident accurately as possible.

The vehicles involved were identified as a NCTC owned 2007 Chevrolet C5500 chassis carrying a 2008 Champion Defender 32-passanger lap-belt equipped medium-size bus and a Quickway Transportation Inc. 2013 Peterbilt with an unloaded 2014 Great Dane trailer attached, typically used to carry dairy products.

The relative location of the accident is on Interstate 35 near the mile marker 47 in Oklahoma.

According to the report, the semi was traveling at a speed of 72-73 MPH down I-35 for about 1,100 feet when it crossed the median and went into the southbound lanes. The bus attempted to move right and was able to avoid a head-on collision; however, the semi hit the bus on its left side and the bus fell onto its right side on the west side of the road.

The four players who died in the accident were fully or partially ejected during the initial crash or the following rollover.  No actual cause of the accident was reported.

A final report could take up to a year to be released.

About the NCTCe Bus Crash

On September 26th, the North Central Texas College 15 player softball team’s bus collided with a semi-truck on I-35 in Oklahoma.

Four players were killed and dozens of others were injured. The truck driver, Russell Staley, sustained minor injuries.

Staley has said that at the time of the accident he was distracted. Lawsuits have been filed against the Quickway Transportation Inc. and Staley.


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