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Japan Retracts Reports of Benefits of Hypertension Drug

Destiny Baker4 years ago

A second investigation into claims of hypertension drug Valsartan’s health benefits supports recent findings that a post-market clinical trial report manipulated data and showed a significant conflict of interest.

Valsartan Clinical Trial Report

A report by the Jikei Heart Study initially stated that the hypertension drug, Valsartan, went beyond simply treating high blood pressure as patients also saw reduced risk of stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular complications.

Investigative committees have found, however, that substantial amounts of blood pressure data used in the report did not match patient records. The committee suggests that the manipulation occurred during the data research and was not tied to anyone from the Jikei Heart Study.

More on the Investigation into Valsartan Clinical Trial

The investigation goes on to suggest that an employee of Novartis, developer of the Valsartan, was involved in the research stage of the clinical trial. Investigators did not disclose his exact nature of his involvement, only saying it was a significant conflict of interest.

Jikei University has pulled the reports saying the clinical trial is fundamentally flawed due to the manipulated data.

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