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Jessica Alba’s HONEST Sunscreen Co. Under Fire

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adriana_trevino2 years ago

Consumers have begun scrutinizing HONEST Sunscreen as their children suffer significant sunburns after using the product.

About the HONEST Company’s Sunscreen

Over the last few months, Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has been under fire due to her company’s sunscreen not meeting industry standards, causing severe burns on children.

The Honest Company, owned by Alba has been selling HONEST Sunscreen in major retailers nationwide and claims to be a healthy alternative to sunscreen application.

The Problem with HONEST Sunscreen

Consumers have taken to social media posting pictures of their children with severe sunburns after using the HONEST brand.

Consumers say that the sunscreen is not up to par with what is marketed as being: “healthy and safe.” Most recently, NBC Chicago found that the HONEST formula had reduced its zinc ingredient from 20% to 9.3%.

The issue is that most zinc sunscreens contain anywhere from 18%-25% of zinc. This could pose as a severe health hazard as zinc oxide absorbs ultraviolet light, protecting the skin from the sun.

Purchasers should immediately consult with a doctor if sunburn is an issue.


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