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Jury Sentences San Antonio Drunk Driver to 13 Years

Destiny Baker4 years ago

According to the San Antonio Express News, Jeffrey Theissen, 30, has been sentenced to 13 years after pleading guilty to intoxication manslaughter last week.

About the San Antonio DWI Accident

  • Christina Renee Flores, 43, was killed in 2011 when Theissen collided with her vehicle while driving the wrong way along an interstate.
  • According to police, Theissen’s blood alcohol content was at .18 when a blood sample was taken three hours after the crash.
  • This level is more than twice the legal limit.
  • Theissen pleaded guilty to charges of intoxication manslaughter last week.

Jury Sentences Drunk Driver to 13 Years

  • It took the San Antonio jury less than two hours of deliberation to decided Theissen’s sentence.
  • As jurors found that Theissen used his car as a deadly weapon, he will not be eligible for parole until he has served at least half of his sentence.
  • The defense attempted to declare a mistrial when Flores’ 14 year-old son, Christian Jacob Flores, approached Theissen in the court room yelling, but the judge denied the motion.
  • Flores’ oldest daughter, Priscilla Flores, stated that she forgave Theissen after he and his mother wrote a letter of apology to her for the death of her mother.
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