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Laundry Detergent Capsules Poisoning Children

Adam Bitner4 years ago

New laundry detergent capsules are under scrutiny for their appeal to children. Laundry detergent brands have begun promoting a new type of detergent to their customers that eliminate the bulk of bottles and save time: small capsules of super-concentrated formula that consumers merely place in the detergent dispenser of their washing machines. The capsules come from many brands, under many names, including Tide Pods, All Mighty Pacs, and Purex UltraPacks, among other products.

Small Squishy Capsules Catch Children’s Interest

  • Many of the capsules are brightly colored, squishy containers that resemble a teething toy.
  • According to the LA Times, 307 cases were reported between March 7 and September 5 of small children ingesting the contents of the capsules.
  • Senator Charles Schumer took to the press to voice concerns over the allure these capsules have to toddlers and young children, calling for the CDC to impose regulation.
  • Due to concerns, Proctor and Gamble announced it would implement a double latch safety feature on its product containers.

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