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LED Downlights for Recessed Cans Recalled

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Kayla Giampaolo2 years ago

Connected Brand by Technical Consumer Products (TCP) has recently recalled approximately 24,400 LED Downlights due to a shock hazard.

About the LED Downlights Recall

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the internal wiring within the LED downlights, if contacted with the metal trim, can cause an interference that is a shock hazard to consumers.

CPSC urges consumers to immediately contact TCP to receive a free replacement and installation instructions. Consumers should avoid touching the lamp while it is powered on. 

Description of Recalled LED Downlights

  • The recall includes 5-inch and 6-inch LED Downlight retrofits for recessed cans. The lights are white and produce either a soft white or bright white color.
  • Affected units have the item number “CD611LC” and the date code is printed in black, directly on the base of the lamp
  • The lights must be shut off before the item number and date code can be examined.
  • “Connected automated home lighting system” is printed on the product packaging, in addition to the item number, UPC code and date code
  • This product was sold at Home Depot, various electrical distributors across the country, and on for $35. They have been on the market since June 2014 


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