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Legal Action Being Taken Against Big Food Producers

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

A series of lawsuits have been filed against big food manufacturers alleging the manufacturers may not disclose all ingredients found in their products or may be marketing those products in a way that is misleading to consumers.
The lawsuits focus on many foods that are labeled natural, healthy, or as having 0 trans fats.

About the Big Food Lawsuits

  • The lawsuits mainly target companies that may misrepresent their foods by calling them ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ even when they contain large amounts of additives and sugar.
  • The lawsuits also include manufacturers that seek to list their ingredients in a way that may be portrayed as misleading.
  • Currently, there is no federal standard for labeling an item as ‘natural’ or ‘healthy’ unlike the labels ‘organic’ or ‘gluten-free’.
  • One such lawsuit was brought against Chobani for listing “evaporated cane juice” as an ingredient in their yogurt, despite warnings by the FDA. The plaintiff states that using the words “evaporated cane juice” is misleading as most consumers will not recognize the term as simply being another way to identify sugar, and may be led to believe the yogurt is a healthier or diabetic safe option.
  • The Chobani Yogurts actually contain 6-20 grams of sugar per 6 oz serving depending on the exact product. As a comparison, a Reese’s peanut butter cup contains 10 grams of sugar.
  • A lawsuit involving PAM cooking spray questions whether it is ethical to use the word “propellant” in the place of petroleum gas, propane and butane when labeling ingredients of the product. The actual ingredients are listed in the forms the manufacturer, ConAgro, files with the government, but “propellant” appears on the actual product label.
  • Concern has also risen that the FDA may not be fully equipped to regulate the labeling due to recent budget cuts, leaving the responsibility to be concise with labeling up to the companies producing the food.

Sugary Foods Leading to Health Problems

  • According to studies, the U.S. currently spending $190 billion a year treating obesity related health concerns, many people are beginning to look for healthier food choice options.
  • Currently, four of the top ten fatal diseases in the U.S. are linked to diet – stroke, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Statistics available throught the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show the rates of diabetes have more than tripled over the past 20 years.
  • Nationally, 7 percent of people have been diagnosed with diabetes. San Antonio currently doubles that average with 14 percent of its population being diagnosed with diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association.
  • The plaintiffs state that companies are taking advantage of words like ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’, misrepresenting their products towards those who are really looking for a healthier alternative to their diets. They also note that companies tend to charge more for the products they label with these terms.
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