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Lexus Recalls 2015 NX 200T Vehicles

Jessica Brito2 years ago

Lexus is recalling roughly 3,000 vehicles due to an issue with the vehicles’ anti-lock brake system.

Recalled Auto System Places Potential Danger For Drivers 

Lexus exposed that Lexus 2015 NX 200T car owners may face potential risks on the road when it announced the recall of 3,000 2015 NX 200T vehicles.

According to AutoBlog, the recalled vehicles contain a faulty anti-lock brake system, which don’t allow the traction control system and stability control system to function properly under certain driving circumstances.

Toyota Lexus Car Company claims that no crashes, injuries, or fatalities have been reported up to date.

Increased Risk of Car Crash

Owners should be aware that the faulty anti-lock brake system can cause the vehicle to lose stability if activated while driving, thus increasing the driver’s risk of a crash.


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