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Lifeguard Press Charging Kits Recalled – Fire Hazard

Morgan Cain3 years ago

Lifeguard Press has recalled seven different models of charging kits that pose a fire and shock hazard.  Approximately 25,400 products have been recalled and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reminds consumers of the importance of unplugging the product and ceasing its use immediately.

About the Charging Kit Recall

The CPSC reports that the wall chargers in the charging kits can overheat and emit smoke which is a dangerous fire and shock hazard. Additionally, the prongs on the charger can detach and remain in the outlet which can pose the threat of electrical shock.

Injuries Reported

There have been six incidents reported to Lifeguard Press of the wall chargers smoking and sparking.  There have been another six reports of the prongs detaching. 
No injuries have been reported at this time.

Description of the Recalled Charging Kits
  • The brands and models involved in the recall include:
    • – The Power Trip Frills and Power Trip Mermaid/Blush Stripe
    • Jonathan Adler – Architectural Borders and Hudson
    • Lilly Pulitzer – Beach Rose, Mai Tai, and Trippin and Sippin
  • The brand names are on the top of the packaging and also on the Lightning port adapters.
  • The charging kits are used to charge Apple iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices.
  • The recalled kits contained a wall charger, 12 to 24-volt car charger, a 30-pin USB cord and a Lightning port adapter


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