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Liquid Nicotine Poisonings on the Rise

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Amanda Tejuca1 year ago

Health officials are concerned over a rise in instances of young children being poisoned by liquid nicotine used in E-cigarettes.

About the E-cigarette Health Risk

According to Reuters Health, young children have been drinking the liquid nicotine inside E-cigarettes. Several have had severe complications like comas and seizures, and one child died from liquid nicotine poisoning.

A small amount of liquid nicotine can cause serious harm in children, and most of the time they drink most or all of the liquid nicotine held in a single container. E-cigarettes have recently become a multi-million dollar industry with most tobacco companies owning their own product lines.

The battery-powered gadgets feature a glowing tip and a heating element that turns liquid nicotine and other flavorings into a cloud of vapor that users inhale. The liquid nicotine is much more dangerous to kids than traditional tobacco, as it is concentrated, and much easier to ingest.

A small sip, say a teaspoon which is 5 milligrams, exposes a child to the nicotine of several packs of cigarettes all at once.

Analyzing at Risk Demographics

A study found that e-cigarettes posed the biggest risk to toddlers, according to a study which analyzed poison center calls concerning kids under six-years-old exposed to tobacco and nicotine.
This is because Children in this age group are curious, have new-found mobility, explore their environment by putting things in their mouth, and do not recognize danger. The problem with children being exposed to the liquid nicotine is that they confuse it for candy.
Among the children who needed medical care, less than 3 percent were hospitalized and roughly 2 percent had severe complications like breathing difficulties, seizures and comas. 


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