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Maine Officials Investigate Source of E. Coli

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Emily Harrigan2 years ago

Officials have initiated testing to determine the source of E. coli that infected two toddlers after visiting a petting zoo.

E. Coli Infections Leaves One Child Dead

According to the Associated Press, both boys were rushed to the hospital after visiting a petting zoo in Maine. The Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that they are investigating whether or not the infection can be traced to the Oxford County Fair.

Colton Guay, a 20-month-old toddler, passed away after being infected with E. coli. His parents rushed him to the hospital after symptoms of “severe diarrhea followed by massive brain seizures” occurred. Colton contracted Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), which resulted in the “abnormal destruction of red blood cells” after which he passed away.

The other toddler, Myles Jacob Herschaft, a 17-month-old, was also diagnosed with HUS but is continuing to receive treatment. His family and friends have set up a fundraiser to help with his medicals expenses on

The fathers of the boys made the connection between the source of the infection when they met in the hospital.

About E. Coli

  • State health officials report that washing hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately following contact with farm animals, or using certain hand sanitizers, is how to prevent E. coli infections.
  • They also stated that younger children are more succeptible to the infection because “their immune systems have not fully developed.”
  • E. coli bacteria are often harmless, however certain strands “can infect the gut, lungs, lead to kidney failure, anemia and even cause death.”


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