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Man Killed After Collision with School Bus and Tree

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Jonathan Hernandez1 year ago

A man was killed after an accident involving a school bus.

Details about the Fatal School Bus Accident

Multiple sources are reporting that authorities have released the identity of the person who was killed in an accident involving a school bus and a tractor trailer in Rockingham County on Monday.

According to police, the accident happened just after 3:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon on N.C. 135 in the Stone Mountain Road area. 54-year-old Charles Hill, of Eden, was killed in the accident. The Highway Patrol has indicated that hill was driving a tractor trailer when he began to drift into the lane of the school bus.

When the driver of the bus noticed the tractor trailer drifting, he began to east out of the way. Hill hit the side of the bus, which was transporting 42 students on board. The tractor trailer continued to drift off the road and went into a pasture, where it crashed full speed into a tree. Hill was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

None of the passengers on the bus at the time of the accident were seriously injured.

Important Information about Accidents with Fixed Objects

According to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are thousands of wrongful deaths of people involved in collisions with fixed objects every year in the United States:

  • A total of 7,508 people were killed in collisions with fixed objects in 2014.
  • The type of fixed object that motorists collide with the most are trees.
  • Almost half of all collisions with fixed objects that happened in 2014 happened to have involved trees.


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