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Manufacturer Blames Six Flags for Fatal Accident

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Allison Denton4 years ago

The manufacturer of the Texas Giant, a Six Flags roller coaster that caused the death of 52 year old Rosy Esparza, blames Six Flags for the fatal accident.

Six Flags and Gerstlauer Each Claim the Other is Liable

According to the Inquisitr, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, the German company responsible for manufacturing the Texas Giant, blames Six Flags for the death of 52 year old Rosy Esparza.

On July 19, 2012, the restraints on Esparza’s seat on the Texas Giant failed, and the woman fell to hear death, striking a support beam that almost completely severed her body in half.

In February, Six Flags publicly denied their responsibility in Esparza’s death, filing a lawsuit against Gerstlauer Amusement Rides for manufacturing the coaster with defective seats. Gerstlauer, on the other hand, is now blaming Six Flags, claiming that Six Flags employees did not ensure that Esparza’s restraints were properly fastened.

In an interview with the police, a Six Flags employee admitted that Esparza’s seatbelt was not tightened as much as it should have been.

Texas Giant Experienced Mechanical Errors Days before Accident

Further investigation revealed that the train Esparza rode experienced a mechanical failure merely days before the fatal incident.

A maintenance crew supposedly fixed the problem, although there is no clear evidence to suggest that everything was working properly on the day of Esparza’s death.

Esparza’s family filed a lawsuit against Six Flags for negligence in regard to safety systems, yet Six Flags still continues to deny any liability. The amusement park has, however, redesigned the seat restraints and has added seat belts to the train.

They have also installed a test seat at the beginning of the ride to ensure that the restraints and seat belts can accommodate every passenger.


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