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Mazda Sedans Recalled Because of Spiders

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

Recently, Mazda announced a recall of approximately 42,000 vehicles due to a potential fire hazard caused spiders, according to Reuters.

Details of the Mazda 6 Recall

According to Mazda, a certain species of spider — called the Yellow Sac spider — loves the smell of gasoline and can get into the engine and weave webs that block engine vents. The webs lead to a restriction of fuel flow which can reduce fuel tank pressure when the emission control system purges vapors from the evaporative canister. The added stress placed on the fuel tank can lead to cracking and oil leaks, increasing a risk of fire.

The current recall affects model years 2010-2012 Mazda 6 with a 2.5-liter engine. Owners of vehicles will be informed of the recall and can take their car to a Mazda dealer for a free repair. Dealers will check and clear the evaporative canister line and reprogram the car’s software.

Same Spiders, New Recall

This is not the first time Mazda has had to recall vehicles because of damage caused by spiders. In 2011, the car manufacturer recalled approximately 65,000 vehicles for the same reason. Engineers added a spring to the canister vent line and believed that would keep spiders out.

However, after reports of fuel tanks cracking after receiving the new spring, engineers discovered spiders were still able to crawl inside. Now engineers are modifying the vehicle’s software to keep the tank from cracking incase a spider web blocks a vent.


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