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Medicare Publishes Hospital Safety Ratings

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Derek Franklin Laneback6 years ago

Medicare has begun publishing patient safety ratings for thousands of hospitals across the nation as part of its broad move toward paying less to institutions with high rates of preventable complications and potentially avoidable deaths.

Measuring Hospital Safety

The new measures evaluate hospitals on how often their patients suffer serious, but potentially preventable, complications such as a collapsed lung that results from medical treatment, a wound that splits open after surgery, and accidental cuts and tears. The measures also include specific death rates for patients who had surgery to repair a weakness in the abdominal aorta or had a treatable complication from surgery.

In addition, Medicare is evaluating rates of some serious conditions that patients may acquire during an inpatient hospital stay, such as objects accidentally left in the body after surgery, severe pressure sores, falls and injuries, and signs of uncontrolled blood sugar. The new data is available to the public on Medicare’s Hospital Compare website.

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