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Medtronic Pacemaker Recalled After Reports of Power Failure

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Nick Slovikoski2 years ago

Medtronic, a leading manufacturer of pacemakers, is recalling the InSync III model after the fourth report of an unexpected power failure in the device.

About the Pacemaker Recall

According to the Star Tribune, of 448 InSync III devices installed at the Minneapolis Heart Institute, four have been linked to reports of power failure.

The latest report sparked quick action from the institute, and Medtronic recalled nearly 100,000 of the devices worldwide after the MHI expressed their concerns. 22,000 of these pacemakers are still implanted in patient’s chests.

A doctor with the institute noted that while devices do sometimes experience rand failure, MHI noted a pattern with the device failures.

Description of Recalled Pacemakers

  • The recall affects three models numbers: 8042, 8042B and 8042U.
  • The recall covers around 100,000 devices, including about 9,300 implanted units in the United States.
  • Signs of a possible defect include lightheadedness or fainting.
  • There has been one death possibly linked to the power failure, but it has not been confirmed.
  • Medtronic also warns of the surgical dangers associated with replacing the device.


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