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Memorial Day Safety Tips

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Destiny Baker2 years ago

Memorial Day weekend is a day to remember those who gave their lives for their country. Many families will celebrate the weekend by visiting relatives, having cookouts, and participating in outdoor activities. Following a few safety tips can help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Travel Safety

  • Seatbelts ­– Not only should seatbelts be worn anytime the vehicle is in operation, but parents should ensure that their children are wearing their seatbelts correctly. While it may be tempting to adjust seatbelts for comfort on long trips, doing so greatly reduces the seatbelt’s function.
  • Designate a Driver – Never drink and drive or travel with a person who has been drinking. Have a designated driver if you are planning to travel home from a cookout or event.
  • Maintenance – Check that your vehicle is serviced and ready for the road before going on a long trip. Making sure that a vehicle is up to date on all scheduled maintenance and  that tires are at proper pressure and in good condition can greatly reduce the risk of a crash.

Grilling Safety

  • Fire Safety – Before grilling, be sure that your grill has been properly cleaned and is free of any dust. If you are using a gas grill, check for leaks and loose connections. Always grill in an open area – not in a garage, porch, or other covered or enclosed space.
  • Food Safety – Be sure you properly store any food. When grilling, keep any uncooked meats away from other foods to prevent cross contamination. Thoroughly wash your hands before handing food and after handling raw meat.
  • Keep Hydrated – Memorial Day weekend is the first holiday of the summer. When grilling, make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking lots of water.


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