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Metro-North Train Engineer Nodded before Derailment According to Union Chair

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to FOX News, the the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has removed the Association of Commuter Rail Employees (ACRE) from investigations into Sunday’s commuter train derailment following comment by the union’s general chair that the engineer “nodded off” before the crash.

Engineer “Nodded” before Accident

ACRE’s general chairman Anthony Bottalico admitted during a press conference Tuesday the Metro-North train engineer William Rockefeller may have dozed off in the moments preceding a train derailment that killed four and injured more than 60 others.

Rockefeller’s attorney has made similar claims, stating that his client experienced a daze comparable to road fatigue, though, as of yet, no one has commented on how long this daze lasted.

What is clear is that Rockefeller did attempt to stop the train, pulling the emergency break approximately 6 seconds before the train left the track according to Bottalico.

According to the NTSB, Bottalico’s statements breached party agreements to not publicly interpret or comment on the investigation.

NTSB Continues Investigation

Information that the NTSB has released suggests that the Metro-North train was travelling at a speed of 82 mph in a 30 mph zone when it left the tracks.

A spokesperson for the NTSB stated that the agency is addressing the issue of fatigue, and has determined that Rockefeller was on the second day of a five day work week in which he was working 9 hour shifts.

The agency is also working to construct a 72 hour timeline of Rockefeller’s activities leading up to the crash.

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