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Millions Ignore School Bus Stop Signs Each Year

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

A study published by the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) suggests that millions of U.S. motorists are putting children at risk by ignoring school bus stop signs each year.

About the School Bus Stop Sign Study

  • The NASDPTS conducts and annual study in which school bus drivers are asked to record the number of drivers that violate school bus stop sign laws for one day.
  • Drivers are also asked to record the time of day, which side the car passed from and whether it was approaching from the front or from behind the bus.
  • The study was first conducted in 2011, and over the past three years results have been fairly consistent.
  • This year, 108,000 bus drivers in more than 29 states participated in the study.

Results for 2013 School Bus Stop Sign Violations

  • It was reported that roughly 85,279 people ignore school bus stop sign every day, putting children at serious risk of injury or death.
  • Over a 180 day school year, this translates to about 15 million violations a year.
  • According to the study:

    • 45.4% of violations occurred in the morning.
    • 50.1% of violations occurred in the afternoon.
    • 4.5% of violations occurred mid day (i.e. during field trips).
    • 57.5% of violators approached from the front of the bus.
    • 42.5% of violators approached from behind the bus.
    • 98% of violators passed on the left of the bus.
    • 2% of violators passed on the right of the bus (where kids enter and exit from).
  • The study also found that Texas accounted for 9,825 of the recorded violations. This was the third highest violation count for a single state.
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