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“Miracle Baby” Survives Fall from Minneapolis High-Rise

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

A report on says a 15-month-old boy is being treated for serious injuries sustained after he fell from an 11-story balcony at a Minneapolis high-rise on Tuesday. Many have called the boy a “miracle baby.”

About the 11-Story Fall

According the reports, 15-month-old Musa Dayib miraculously survived an 11-story fall from the balcony of his parents’ high-rise home in the Riverside Plaza. Dayib’s mother was out running errands while his father watched him and his 3-year-old sister. The boy’s father momentarily left the room when Dayib fell.

Emergency workers rushed the boy to a nearby hospital where he is listed in critical but stable condition. Doctors say the boy suffered a broken spine and ribs, concussion, and punctured ribs.

Building owners have offered to close off balcony doors for tenants who request it. The owners are also looking into possible permanent child locks if fire codes allow it.

The vertical rods on the balcony railing are 5 and one-half inches apart. Current building code requires rods to be spaced no more than 4 inches apart, but the railings meet requirements because they were grandfathered in before the code was updated.

Child Fall Injury Statistics

The chances of surviving a fall of the distance that Dayib fell are incredibly small. More often, children are injured in falls down stairs, playground equipment, and other less high distances. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in children between the ages of 0 and 19. The agency estimates that 8,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries each day for a total of nearly 2.8 million injuries each year.


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