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Mom Dies En Route to Daughter’s VB Game

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Lilibeth Ramirez3 years ago

An Arlington mom was killed on Friday while she was driving to see her daughter’s volleyball game at a Texas university.  

About the Car Accident

According to MyFoxDFW, Tina Reese, Director of Radiology at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, was killed in Denton while on her way to see her daughter, Cami, play at the University of North Texas.

Reese, accompanied by another mother, was near the intersection of Ft. Worth and Vintage, when a piece of metal flew through the windshield and out the back window. The metal hit Reese’s head in the process, allegedly causing her death.

Denton police say there are currently no witnesses that have come forward thus leaving several unanswered questions for the department as well as Reese’s family. Officer Ryan Grelle of the Denton Police Department, questions, “What caused this accident? Where this metal came from, did it come off their vehicle, did it come off someone else's vehicle?”

The UNT volleyball coach, Andrew Palileo, also commented “We just know bits and pieces, but definitely if there's more information out there, the driver, if you could come forward, that would be great.” 

Unfortunately, Cami has already dealt with death among the family. Tavian, Cami’s 10-year-old brother, was killed in auto accident by a drunk driver a few years back after his mother had picked him up from school. Reese has now joined her son and, as a well-known mother by the players, will be remembered as always having a smile while in the stands.

Children Without Parents

  • The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute states there are an estimated 153 million children around the world who have lost one parent.
  • About 17,900,000 children around the world have lost both parents, which has left them in orphanages or on the streets.
  • In 2012, several children aged out of the U.S. foster care system, leaving 23,396 youth without the proper support necessary to succeed. 


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