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New-Age Football Helmets Do Not Reduce Concussions

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Nick Naughton4 years ago

A new study reports that despite the advancing technology of football helmets, there is no significant difference in the frequency of concussions among high school football players.

About the Football Head Injury Study

“Despite what manufacturers might claim, newer and more expensive equipment may not reduce concussion risk.” – Margaret Alison Brooks, co-investigator as published  by U.S. News

  • According to U.S. News, researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison tested new and old football helmets worn by 1,332 high school football players from 36 different schools. 
  • Students began by filling out a pre-season questionnaire detailing past injuries. The schools athletic trainers then recorded rates of concussion as well as the severity of traumatic head injuries.
  • Researchers were able to conclude that the number and severity of concusions did not vary based on the brand and age of the helmets, nor did the injured players' recovery time.

Sports Related Brain Injury Statistics

  • Every year, U.S emergency rooms treat more than 173,000 sports-related brain injuries according to the report.
  • Of those injuries, nearly three-quaters occured in males, most often being linked to football or bicycling.
  • Males between the ages of 10-19 who play football are more likely to experience sports-related brain injuries.
  • In the U.S. about 40,000 concussions occur in high school sports every year.
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