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New Jersey Helicopter Crash Injures One

Jonathan Hernandez1 year ago

A helicopter crash that happened on Saturday left at least one person injured.

Details about the Helicopter Crash in New Jersey

Multiple sources are reporting that a helicopter crash in northern New Jersey left at least one person injured on Saturday, according to authorities.

The crash happened on Saturday afternoon around 13:20 p.m. at the Linden Airport.

Witnesses that were present at the scene of the accident say that the helicopter was starting to takeoff when it somehow tipped over onto its side and fell back down to the ground.

Police say that at least one person was hurt in the accident, and suffered a leg injury. No other details on the condition of the victim or the identity have been released.

At this point, it is not clear whether or not the person was in the helicopter when he or she was injured or was a bystander.

The cause of the helicopter crash remains under investigation.

Important Information about Helicopter Crashes

According to Flying Magazine:

  • The rate of helicopter crashes has gone decreased in the past ten years.
  • During the first seven months in 2014, there were 3.94 helicopter crashes for every 100,000 hours of flying time.
  • There was a 12 percent decrease in the number of helicopter crashes from 2012-2013.


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