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New Law Allows Texas EMTs to Conduct DWI Blood Draws

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David Turnbull4 years ago

A new law passed by the 83rd Texas State Legislature this Spring went into force on Sunday, September 1st, allows Paramedics at the scene of DWI accidents to draw blood in order to aid law enforcement.

BAC-based Warrants at the Scene of Arrest  

  • According to an ABC affiliate, the new law qualifies approximately 6,000 paramedics to draw blood at request of police at the scene of a DWI.
  • By allowing EMTs to complete the blood draws, officials hope to be albe to process more warrants and DWI tests while moveing the procedure into a more sanitary environment.
  • The new law was passed as a result of a state court opinion and was advocated by Susan Reed, District Attorney for Bexar County.

Drunk Driving in the State of Texas

  • In 2011, alcohol contirbuted approximately 46 percent of all Texas auto accidents with 1,397 alcohol related collisions recorded according to Alcohol Alert.
  • A blood alcohol level of .08 or higher was recorded at 87 percent of these accidents.
  • It is estimated by the National Safety Council that every 29 seconds a person in Texas will be injured or killed due to drunk driving.
  • State Justice Department records indicate that the Texas Department of Public Safety made 90,066 DWI arrests in 2012.

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