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New Law Protects Foster Children from Overmedication

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Nick Naughton4 years ago

A new law has been drafted by Texas CASA that monitors and regulates how many psychotropic drugs can be administered to children under foster care. 

Psychotropic Drug Regulation

“There were reports – substantiated reports – of children that were on seven, eight, nine psychotropic meds at once.” – Senator Carlos Uresti as published by Texas Public Radio.

  • According to Texas Public Radio, a new bill was made and passed into law that regulates how many psychotropic drugs can be given to children by their foster parents in the state of Texas.
  • The new law seeks to reduce the number of children being overprescribed psychotropic drugs for non medical conditions like behavioral problems.
  • According to ABC, these drugs carry dangerous side effects including increased risk of thoughts of suicde in children

CASA Representatives to Aid in Regulation

  • The Texas Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) claim foster parents are 53 times more likely to overmedicate their children as compared to parents who do not have foster children.
  • Through the court system, the new law allows the state of Texas to keep a close eye on the number of mediations given to foster children.
  • A CASA representative stated that while visiting children in foster care, she had seen things like numerous medications being administered at once for the sake of behavior control, when in fact the children did not actually have behavioral problems.
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