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New York Construction Worker Receives $6.3 Million

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Jarod Cassidy3 years ago

A New York construction worker has received a $6.3 million settlement following an on the job accident which left him with limited mobility and unable to work.

Worker Falls 20-Feet from Scaffolding

“My 6-year-old has to put my shoes on me. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. If I had snapped my neck and died, I feel like it would have been better for my family than to have to take care of me.” – Brian Petrides as published by the New York Post

According to the New York Post, 43-year-old Brian Petrides has been unable to provide for his family due to significant injuries while performing construction work at a Brooklyn school.

The Long Island resident was working at the East New York worksite when a contractor with the School Construction Authority told him to dismantle scaffolding. Petrides argued that the job was too risky, but the contractor ordered him to complete the work, despite Petrides’ concerns.

Moments later, Petrides fell from the scaffolding, crashing headfirst into a cluster of broken-up concrete 20 feet below.

Petrides Awarded $6.3 Million

The lawsuit left Petrides with serious injuries and limited mobility. Unable to continue his work, Petrides was forced to send his 11-year-old son to live with relatives in order to save money.

The union laborer decided to file a lawsuit against the Department of Education and the School Construction Authority (SCA) for failing to secure a safe work environment.

According to the lawsuit, the job had been shut down before due to concerns that the scaffolding was unsafe. Further, the SCA failed to secure the planks that had been placed on the scaffolding.

As Petrides stepped on the scaffolding to begin dismantling it, one of the planks fell from beneath him causing him to fall.

The settlement was approved Wednesday before the Brooklyn Supreme Court.


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