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NHTSA Responds to GM’s Failure to Meet Data Deadline

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Jarod Cassidy3 years ago

Yahoo reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has formally addressed General Motors’ failure to sufficiently answer questions concerning its faulty ignition switches, calling the automaker’s actions “deeply troubling”.

GM Unwilling or Unable to Answer NHTSA's Questions

“These are basic questions concerning information that is surely readily available to GM at this time. It is deeply troubling that two months after recalling the vehicles, GM is unwilling or unable to tell NHTSA whether the design of the switch changed at any other time.” – Statement released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as published by Yahoo News

A Special Order issued by NHTSA on March 4 gave GM until April 3 to address more than 100 questions pertaining to faulty ignition switches which have led to the recall of roughly 2.6 million vehicles.

On March 20, GM contacted the regulatory agency claiming that it would need more time to properly answer some of the more technical question and would provide partial answers by April 3.

However, recent reports indicate that GM failed to answer a third of the questions, many of which required no special technical expertise at all. One question simply asked whether the ignition switches were changed more than once while another asked what data GM looked at when deciding not to issue a recall before last year.

Upon demanding answers from GM, NHTSA was referred to the ongoing investigation being conducted by attorney Anton Valukas.

General Motors Fined $7,000 Per Day

In response to GM failure to address NHTSA’s requests, the agency has begun fining the automaker $7,000 a day – the maximum penalty allowed under law.

The agency has filed the fine as beginning on April 3, meaning the GM has already accrued $28,000 in penalties. Fines will continue NHTSA is satisfied with GM's answers.

While GM did not address the fines, the company is claiming that it “fully cooperated” with NHTSA, and that NHTSA has agreed to give GM additional time to search through the roughly 5 million relevant documents.

GM has linked the defective ignition switches to 13 deaths and 31 frontal collisions so far.


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