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NTSB Blames Poor Safety Planning for Fatal Parade Accident

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Nick Naughton4 years ago

Members of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) allege that lack of preperation by parade planners caused a fatal collision between a train and a parade float the resulted in the deaths of four veterans.

About the Midland Texas Train Accident

  • The L.A. Times reports that after almost a year of investigations, the NTSB is blaming a lack of safety planning for a fatal parade accident that occured in Midland,Texas last November.
  • As part of the event, Show of Support, Military Hunt Inc. invited veterants returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to enjoy three days of hunting, shopping and a parade.
  • During the parade, two flat bed trucks carrying veterans and their spouses was struck by a train upon crossing a railroad.
  • The collision resulted in the deaths of four veterans and the injury of 11 veterans and their spouses.

NTSB Investigation into the Train Accident

“This terrible collision between a fast-moving freight train and a slow-rolling parade float of veterans and their loved ones should never have occurred. Parade and event organizers must identify and manage hazards in advance to ensure a safe outcome for participants and spectators.” – Deborah A.P. Herman, National Transportation Safety Board as published by the L.A. Times

  • While in previous years, officials reminded railroad companies of the event, and statinoned police at the railroad crossing for extra safety, the NTSB found that such precausions were not taken in 2012.
  • Further, event organizers had not even taken out a permit from the city.
  • The NTSB did not blame the driver of the truck as it was determined that the driver likely expected it was safe to proceed through the railroad crossing as he had been allowed through several red lights at intersections leading to the train tracks.
  • The crossings warning systems were activated 20 seconds before the collision and the guardrails dropped 7 seconds before the collision. The train was travelling at 62 miles per hour.
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