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NTSB Holds Bus Driver Responsible For Crash That Killed 11 Year Old Girl

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to New Jersey publication The Trentonian, it has been determined by the National Transportation Safety Board that the driver of a New Jersey school bus, John Tieman, is responsible for a traffic collision which resulted in the death of one child, and the injury of 12 others.

About the New Jersey School Bus Accident

  • 11-year-old Isabella Tezsla was killed in a traffic collision when the school bus she was riding on was struck by a dump truck at an intersection.
  • The collision also resulted in the serious injury of Isabella’s triplet sisters, Natalie and Sophie, and the injuries of 12 other students.
  • The 68-year-old school bus driver, Tieman, was cited for failure to yield and the dump truck driver was suspected of speeding and having inadequate breaks at the time of the accident.

NTSB Determine Bus Driver Caused Accident

  • The NTSB determined Tuesday after investigations that Tieman had pulled into the intersection to check for oncoming traffic, but pulled out too far.
  • According to the board, the bus driver was fatigued and suffered from “inattention blindness” meaning he saw the truck, but did not register it.
  • The board determined that Tieman was sleep deprived and suffering from the sedating effects of several prescription drugs.
  • Tieman claimed he had only slept for five hours the three nights preceding the crash.
  • It was determined that Tieman had failed to report medical conditions on a state required medical exam 36 days prior to the accident.
  • According to the board, had Tieman reported his conditions on the medical exam and received further examination, he likely would not have been allowed to operate the school bus.
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