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NTSB Investigates Fatal Amtrak Crash

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Shalini Shah1 year ago

Investigators are currently investigating an accident in which an Amtrak train slammed into a backhoe last Tuesday. The accident killed two and left 43 others injured.

About the Amtrak Accident

According to Reuters, a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) representative told the press that experts have reviewed the video taken from the front camera that has the recording of the impact. 

The accident occurred near the suburb of Chester and it is yet to be determined why the backhoe and the train were on the same track, despite their being safety standards to prevent such an accident.

Reuters reports a positive train control system has been established to send navigation signals to train operators about potential hazards, which should have been able to prevent the crash.

The crash killed backhoe operator Joseph Carter, 61, and Peter Adamovich, 59, who was on foot.

This train was coming from New York and was bound for Savannah, Georgia, travelling at 106 mph, below the speed limit of 110 mph. The engineer hit the brakes about 800 feet from the construction equipment and travelled another three blocks after the collision.

Amtrak Accident Statistics

In recent years, Amtrak is experiencing fewer accidents per year; and while the number of deaths is decreasing, injuries are rising.

According to a report by the Washington Times:

  • Accident rate dropped from 4.1 to 1.7 per million passenger miles between 200 and 2014.
  • Amtrak derailments decreased from 80 to 28 over that same period.
  • Despite improvements, 750 people were injured in 2012.
  • Data shows that Amtrak passengers 58 times more than to be injured than passengers on French railroads


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