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NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Crash

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Lilibeth Ramirez3 years ago

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has filed and released the preliminary report on last Saturday’s helicopter crash.

About the Helicopter Crash

The report states the pilot aborted the first attempt to land the Air Evac helicopter; however, when he tipped the nose over to gain air speed, the helicopter entered an intense right turn.

The pilot reported it was the fastest he had ever spun and preceded to tell the crew on board to hold on as he attempted to fly out of it.

Despite applying more left pedal torque, he was unable to gain control as the helicopter continued to spin five more times before crashing.

The pilot states he punched the windshield out to escape the burning aircraft, giving him time to escape before it exploded.

Two Killed in Medical Flight Accident

The aircraft engine was reported to have been operating normally with plenty of power before the landing attempt. There were no unusual noises nor warning horns or lights, says the pilot.

The pilot was treated at United Regional, while the crewmember and flight nurse were transported to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. The flight nurse however, died on Wednesday. The patient aboard the helicopter passed away as well.

The report also reveals the crash was recorded on a hospital surveillance camera.


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