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Oil Spills and Accidents in Eagle Ford Region

Laura Hosford-Yunker5 years ago

In the last few years, as drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale region has increased in South Texas so have the number of oil slicks on local roads and highways. When leaky trucks carry large loads of oil-based drilling waste hundreds of miles from drilling sites to dump sites, spills can lead to environmental hazards and auto and truck accidents.

Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Spills

Many of the spills which cause dangerous oil slicks reportedly occur on the roads leading to drilling mud disposal sites. The oil-based drilling mud being transported is used in drilling projects and consists of diesel oil and heavy metals. Because of bad roads and few closed-container requirements, this material can end up right back on the pavement- causing oil slicks and accidents.  

According to a report in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, law enforcement officials are cracking down on these spills, and enforcing regulations that many people never knew existed. The offenses (disposal of oil field waste on a public road and hauling without a permit) are classified as misdemeanors and carry fines up to $800. 

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