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Parking Lot Accident Kills 1, Injures 6

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Baisha Kreuzer5 years ago

On August 4, a horrifying accident in the parking lot of a North Texas shopping outlet killed one little girl and injured six others, four of whom were small children, according to news outlets. What started out as a normal day for the families ended in a tragedy they will never forget.

Victims Were Mostly Children

According to, the driver was an 82-year-old man who was caught on a surveillance camera speeding with his truck through the parking lot of a shopping center. The pedestrians who were walking to their cars didn’t even have enough time to react to the truck, and several injuries were sustained. The driver hit two groups of people; the first was in front of a Ross in the outlet mall and the second in front a Target.

Only seconds apart, these two collisions changed the lives of these families forever. The parents of Savannah Deegear, who was only seven years old, have to cope with the death of their daughter, who, according to The Sacramento Bee, passed away later that evening in the local hospital. The other families' children survived, but they will likely never forget how they almost lost their children that day.

Crash Remains Under Investigation

Outside the Target store this past weekend, local shoppers left flowers and candles in the parking space where Savannah died. A little boy named William Pemberton, just 8-years-old, felt compelled to leave a stuffed teddy bear his mother had just bought him inside the store.

It is still unknown why the man sped the way he did in the truck. However, officials say they want a medical examination done on Martinez until they proceed with any charges. His daughter, Esther Zenteno, told, “He doesn’t drive that fast normally.” She discussed how he suffers from diabetes and a seizure may have caused him to swerve out of control and crash.

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