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Pedestrian Deaths Surge by 10 Percent in 2015

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Hillary Dunkley2 years ago

A new study has found that the number of pedestrian deaths increased by an alarming 10 percent between 2014 and 2015.

Behind the Speculation of Increased Pedestrian Deaths

According to UPI, this is the largest surge in pedestrian deaths on record.

There are a number of suspected causes of the 10 percent increase, including increased traffic, growing cellphone use by drivers and walkers, and walking for health and economic reasons.

Out of the reported 26 states including D.C, 15 percent of motor vehicle crash related deaths include pedestrians compared 11 percent ten years ago.

The Significance of this Problem

Pedestrian safety is considered a major issue in large states with large cities such as California, Florida, New York, and Texas. These major cities reported that 42 percent of pedestrian deaths occurred in the first six months of 2015.

  • Male pedestrians are more likely to die from motor vehicle crashes than females
  • The rate of pedestrian death increases by age
  • In 2012, 34% of killed pedestrians were legally drunk and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) equal to or greater than 0.08
  • Pedestrians should always cross the street via designated crosswalks or intersections. When walking at night, always carry a flashlight and light reflective clothing. If a sidewalk isn’t available, then walk on the shoulder, facing traffic.


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