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Playground-Related Brain Injuries on the Rise

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Amanda Tejuca1 year ago

Health officials say that playground-related brain injuries have risen significantly in the United States, and parents are realizing playgrounds might not be the safe and fun places once thought.

Statistics on Rising Brain Injuries

Between 2001 and 2013, emergency rooms treated an average of 21,000 playground-related traumatic brain injuries annually among kids 14 and younger, according CBS News.

ERs treated more than 29,000 children for concussions and other serious head injuries in 2013, up from 18,000 in 2001.

Boys accounted for nearly six out of 10 of these ER visits, and more than half of the children treated were aged 5 to 9. Most of the injuries happened in April, May and September.

Reasons for Playground-Related Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries and concussions among children have risen dramatically, but there is no clear reason. It might just be recent awareness about concussions as the whole, and the way that researchers have recently drawn attention concussions seen in children.

Some pieces of equipment are more dangerous than others—specifically, monkey bars. Parents should make sure that kids aren’t hanging upside down on monkey bars, and that surfaces on the playgrounds are soft. 


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