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Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack

Update: The FDA announced on March 3, 2015 that all testosterone replacement therapy products must carry warnings addressing increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, labels must clarify that these products are only approved for treatment of low testosterone levels caused by hypogonadism – not low testosterone levels that are associated with aging.

Thomas J. Henry is currently investigating reports of serious, potentially fatal cardiovascular problems linked to testosterone replacement therapy.

Studies conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the U.S. National Institute on Aging suggest that elderly men treated with testosterone supplements are at an increased risk of suffering from serious adverse events such as heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, and death.


Many testosterone replacement options have been approved by the FDA to treat hypogonadism, a chronic condition where sex glands, gonads, produce very little, or no testosterone.

These treatments may be administered through injections, gels, patches, oral tablets, and a deodorant-like stick that is applied under the arms.

Popular testosterone treatments include:

  • Axiron (EliLilly)
  • Androderm Patch (Actavis PLC)
  • Androgel (AbbVie)


With the number of prescriptions for testosterone supplements increasing fivefold between 2000 and 2011 to 5.3 million, experts are concerned that the treatment is being overprescribed to patients who, while experiencing a drop in testosterone levels due to aging, are not actually suffering form hypogonadism.

Further, studies have found that men being treated with testosterone supplements were 29% more likely to suffer heart attack, stroke, and death than those not receiving hormone supplements.

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Reduced Sperm Count/Infertility (especially in younger males).
  • Liver Toxicity
  • Polycythemia
  • Prostate Disease
  • Stroke
  • Death


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