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Pregnant Woman Dies after Being Struck by Falling Branch

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

New York resident Yingyi Li-Dikov, 30, died Sunday after being hit by a falling tree branch while she was sitting on a bench in Kissena Park. Another woman was injured by the branch, but refused further treatment. 

New York Senator Tony Avella spoke out about the accident, reportedly blaming the city for not keeping up with proper park maintenance.

About the Accident

  • Police report that Mrs. Li-Dikov was sitting on a bench in Kissena Park around 6:20 p.m. when the accident happened.
  • The branch fell from an oak tree which shades the bench, striking Mrs. Li-Dikov on the head and across the body.
  • Mrs. Li-Dikov was pulled from under the branch by paramedics and rushed to the hospital. She was pronounced dead on arrival.
  • Yingyi Li-Dikov, who had recently moved to New York from Texas with her husband, was 6 months pregnant.

Falling Branches a Problem in New York Parks

“I walk here every day and there are branches coming down all the time.” – Salvatore Delligatti, New York Daily News.

  • Salvatore Delligatti, 64, who lives across from the park, told reporters that falling branches are common in Kissena Park. He stated that while there have been some injuries, none have been this tragic.
  • Another falling branch incident in early June seriously injured a 60-year-old tourist while she was walking with her husband in Central Park.
  • Geoffrey Croft, New York City Park Advocates, reported that there have been at least 12 other injuries in similar circumstances over the past 8 weeks.
  • According to the news report, the parks department has not released any information regarding the accident.
  • New York Senator Tony Avella spoke out about the accident, reportedly blaming the city for not keeping up with proper maintenance.
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