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Preliminary Investigation into Lewis Katz Jet Crash

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have said preliminary investigations into the Massachusetts jet crash that killed Lewis Katz and six others on Saturday show the plane never left the ground. According to a report on, the plane reached takeoff speed but never lifted off the runway.

About the Jet Crash Investigation

Although the NTSB has stressed the findings are preliminary, investigators say black box recordings indicate the jet had reached 190 mph but never lifted off. Officials say instead, the jet rolled off the runway, struck an antenna and fence before bursting into flames.

Investigators will use a 49-second recording that started when the plane began takeoff as well as an additional 41 hours of preserved flight data to determine what caused the crash.

The crash happened at 9:40 p.m. on Saturday evening at Hanscom Field in Mass. On board was millionaire Lewiz Katz and six others headed to Atlantic City. The other victims include Anne B. Leeds, 74; Marcella M. Dalsey, 59; Susan K. Asbell, 68. Also on the plane were three crew members consisting of pilot James McDowell, 51; co-pilot Bauke De Vries, 45; and flight attendant Teresa Benhoff, 48. 

Aviation Experts ‘Puzzled’

The crash has aviation experts ‘puzzled’ as to why the crew seemingly aborted the flight. Based on the speed, one expert suggested there was a problem so serious that the crew decided it would be better to abort the flight and go off the runway instead.

Experts noted the jet’s crew was well-qualified veterans and that weather conditions should not have been a factor. Pilot McDowell had over 18,500 hours of flight time; co-pilot De Vries had over 11,200 hours. 


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