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Publix Glass Beverage Dispenser Sets Recalled – Injury Hazard

Phylicia Taylor3 years ago

Far East Brokers and Consultants Inc. have recently recalled approximately 4,000 glass beverage dispenser sets due to an injury hazard.

About the Glass Beverage Dispenser Set Recall

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Far East Brokers’ glass beverage disperser sets sold exclusively at Publix pose an injury hazard for consumers. The metal stand that supports the glass dispenser can break causing injury. There has been one report of the metal stand breaking; the consumer injured her shoulder while trying to catch the dispenser as it fell. CPSC recommends that consumers stop using the recalled glass beverage dispensers and metals stands immediately. Consumers should return the glass dispensers to Public Super Markets for a full refund.

Description of Recalled Glass Beverage Dispenser Sets

  • This recall involves glass beverage dispenser sets with a clear glass ovoid-like shaped container with a clear glass lid, a silver spigot and a wire three-legged metal stand.
  • On the package, consumers should see the item number 962826 FEB44496-01-113 and barcode number 11546-34437.
  • The products were distributed by Publix Super Markets nationwide from April 2014 to June 2014 for approximately $25.


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